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2022 03 - 05

2022/3/5-3/25 "HOPE FOR" Shu Lu Liu Solo Exhibition


"Hope For" Shu Lu Liu Solo Exhibition


The epidemic has impacted the world for over two years, and most people have gradually lost their enthusiasm for life. A depressing atmosphere has enveloped the city. People's feelings of mutual suspicion, fear, and anxiety have not eased. In a gradually collapsing world, what can balance our life? 

Choosing the concept of the "post-epidemic era" as the inspiration for the exhibition, Shu Lu Liu is good at creating ''romantic fantasy''. Creation is transformed into inspiration and realized in design by extending rich imagination into meaning and attaching importance to solid emotions.


Let Shulu use her art to break down the walls of anxiety and panic in everyone's heart, lighting up hope and expectation, and invite you to fall into her ''romantic fantasy'' together.


【Exhibition detailed guide】


Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding. — Albert Einstein.


Shulu's inspiration comes from her connection with the world, exploring the unknown, and curiosity. The exhibition uses exaggerated techniques to emphasize the awe of nature expressed by humans when they encounter life hurdles and how tiny human beings are. 

Her viewpoint of the work is " feeling with the heart, give it sincerely," paying attention to the process of life, reality, struggle, history, and current affairs. Open up the estrangement layer by layer, and brew the feelings into works.


The emotions in the paintings are poetic, romantic, accessible, and unrestrained and can always bring people deep feelings and power. "The darkness before dawn is always the darkest, but the dawn is coming for those who wait for it." Let the love in our hearts and the power of hope and hope last forever.




▫️VenueThe Cafe Deco (No. 75, Section 1, Wuquan West Road, West District, Taichung City)

▫️Opening 2022/03/10