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2022 05 - 16

Shu Lu Liu's solo exhibition "Waltz In Summer's Eve"


Shu Lu Liu's solo exhibition "Waltz In Summer's Eve" refreshes the summer, and the Immersive music Experience turns emotions into reality!

Contemporary artist Shu Lu Liu is good at creating "romantic fantasy," extending the rich imagination into meaning, incredible sensation as the source of creation, turning it into inspiration, and realizing it in the design.

May is the season of blooming spring. "Waltz In Summer's Eve" will bring artworks with basil green as the primary color, accompanied by music composed by Shu Lu Liu, so a touch of freshness will lead us to immerse ourselves in the green early summer waltz.

This unique exhibition hopes everyone can bring their headphones and scan the QR CODE to enjoy an immersive experience so that visitors can leave the hustle and bustle through the guidance of headphones and go to a corner of the world that only belongs to them with the paintings and music. Feel the sympathetic experience that art brings to the senses, use art and music to heal your body and mind, and invite you to sincerely fall into her "romantic fantasy" together

▫️VenueTAOU No. 15, Lane 171, Section 2, Anhe Road, Daan District, Taipei City

▫️Opening Due to the epidemic, it will be canceled.

▫️NotesPlease bring a Bluetooth headset. Remember to make an appointment before viewing the exhibition and follow the store rules.