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2022 11 - 11

SHULU LIU Solo Exhibition|Taichung City Huludun Cultural Center


Taichung City Huludun Cultural Center organizes exhibitions for local senior artists every year. This year's "SHULU LIU Solo Exhibition" is the largest exhibition of Taiwan's emerging modern abstract artist - Liu Shulu. It will be held at Huludun Culture from November 25 to December 18. Center on display.


In addition to exhibiting classic abstract works, Shu Lu also joined current affairs issues for the first time. The subject exhibit is a new attempt by Shu Lu. The communication content includes LGBTQ, racial discrimination, etc., which are issues that traditional Taiwanese artists are reluctant to mention. The audience can look forward to it and appreciate how she communicates with the public through abstract art. In addition to personally arranging all the graphic visual design of this exhibition, Shu Lu is more special that the Huludun Cultural Center has a spacious space of hundreds of pings for her to sway. For the first time, Shu Lu tried large-scale installation art. The first exposure was the large-scale installation art assembled with fluorescent tubes. The bright and dazzling huge letters will challenge and stimulate the senses of the audience.


When the audience's eyes have just left the dazzling light bar, they look down and see the giant output of bubble paper under their feet. When stepping on it, they will feel at ease as being protected by Shu Lu. This is a highlight of Shu Lu's careful arrangement. The area installation art subtly interacts with the audience, and then makes people immerse themselves in the environment through the physical touch, "When you are watching the exhibition, you are also a part, and you can also express yourself in this safe area. words spoken".


Shu Lu said that artistic creation seems to be easy, but in fact it is arduous. Art is not the kind of result that can be deduced through standard answers. To perfectly present a work, the creator himself needs to dedicate himself without any omission. More often, it is destroyed and reborn again and again. It is so difficult. The process must also meet the expectations of the public, which is really very challenging.


I believe that imagination can help people get out of their daily life, get rid of the shackles of society, and get real happiness, so I integrate my own fantasy into my works, I believe that through my works, you can also feel me really want to express things. If you also want to know about my "Romantic Fantasy" art creation - Shu Lu


In addition to exhibiting abstract paintings this time, Shu Lu will also be accompanied by large-scale installation art. Some abstract art works have music created exclusively for the paintings. It is hoped that the audience can be more immersed in the works through hearing and vision. I was moved, and I could better understand the message Shu Lu wanted to convey. As long as you scan the link code next to the work with your mobile phone, you can follow the exclusive music to enter Shu Lu's work, "listen to the painting with your ears". Visitors who want to experience the exhibition remember to bring bluetooth headphones. Those who have not experienced it, invite Engage your senses.


The exhibition is full of Liu Shulu's ingenuity and unique way of displaying art. If you don't know Shulu, please take the opportunity to know her from her works. If you like Shu Lu, you will see a more comprehensive version of her in this exhibition of the same name.



Huludun Cultural Center said, "SHULU LIU Solo Exhibition", the event information can be found on the official website of Huludun Cultural Center (https://www.huludun.taichung.gov.tw/). In response to domestic epidemic prevention measures, the public are requested to wear masks and maintain a safe social distance throughout the event to participate in the event with peace of mind.