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2024 03 - 07

2024.02.24 sat -04.30 sun Our Collective Light|Huang,Yun-ju Solo Exhibition


During a period overshadowed by depression, I found solace in portraying others, seeing the light within each of them. I discovered that we are all light, only unable to see it within ourselves; hence, we must rely on each other to truly see ourselves.

"Me and Them" transcends gender, race, and community boundaries, particularly focusing on those in various social and emotional relationships, the marginalized or traumatized individuals—those awaiting change.

The exhibition's core concepts are "authenticity, equality, and hope." The imagery of "light" symbolizes pathways leading to these core principles, encouraging people to bravely express and pursue these ideals. The rectangular symbolic pattern in "Everything has cracks, that's where the light comes in." represents a pathway, guiding us through hardships towards eventual illumination and hope.

Portraiture and figure painting serve as self-reflection, guided by genuine emotions, revealing the pains and struggles experienced by women as they transition through roles such as girls, women, daughters, wives, and mothers, amidst societal expectations and personal aspirations. The figures in my work bear marks, aiming for realism rather than perfection.

I like to use saturated colors and powerful brushstrokes in my artwork to authentically depict conflicts, encouraging women to engage in dialogue with themselves, reevaluate their relationships with others, regain faith, and affirm their own worth and strength. For example, "Fear is a wall I cross" was a painting I created for myself during the Me Too movement. Through the process, I realized that I was my own barrier. The concept of walls can extend to various barriers that arise due to the limitations of different identities when pursuing equality. We often fear the unknown, but ultimately, our true fear lies within ourselves. By overcoming our fears and biases, we can address the issue of equality.

Recently, my focus has shifted towards themes related to the inner spiritual exploration of individuals—understanding human flaws and traumas, learning self-acceptance and healing, and caring for the relationship between humans and nature. For instance, in "Between Heaven, Earth, Mountains, and Seas" I depict a figure lying between the sky, earth, and sea—a posture resembling a mountain, metaphorically representing the integration of humans and nature, reflecting an inner longing for connection with the natural world. The "The Earth's Breath" series portrays the closeness and mutual healing between the body and nature through body postures close to the earth. Additionally, my subjects have expanded beyond just women to transcend gender limitations.


"The Tree of Affection" and "The Arbor of Existence" depict the confidence and strength I derive from the plants of nature. During the cold winter, I enjoy sitting by the window where sunlight streams in, painting freely, absorbing the thick pigments in the light. I express a longing for warmth, while the vigorous vitality of plants reminds me to continue thriving and to explore all possibilities to flourish.

While many believe that love is the greatest force in the universe, I believe that "sincerity is the only force greater than love." The Doctrine of the Mean states: "Sincerity is the way of heaven; sincerity is the way of humanity." "Sincerity" can bridge the gap between oneself and others, humans and nature, humans and the universe. Sincerity is inherent in human nature and is the source of creation. It can help us overcome obstacles; as the saying goes, a sincere heart is efficacious. By embracing sincerity towards the universe, we can perceive all things sincerely, leading to a genuine and unbiased understanding of everything. Only with a foundation of sincerity can we truly discuss love; otherwise, love may become narrow-minded.

Through painting, I aspire to live meaningfully as myself, without needing to view the world through anyone else's perspective, but rather, to reveal the world as I see it, truthfully and authentically.