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2024 04 - 26

Confronting Oblivion - Chan Tsz Chung Solo Exhibition



Exhibition Title: "Confronting Oblivion"

Exhibition Overview

"In losing our hearts, we lose ourselves; when the heart fades, so does life. True death begins with forgetting oblivion." - Artist Chan TszChung

In this era of information overload, humanity inevitably faces the challenge of forgetting. Starting from oblivion, people gradually lose their inner connections, ultimately leading to true spiritual death. This exhibition aims to explore and present the essence of oblivion and how we can confront it. “Confronting Oblivion" focuses on the artist's reflections and explorations of personal memories, emotions, and cultural heritage.

Through his artwork, the artist presents unique perspectives and insights, allowing the audience to immerse themselves in profound contemplation of memory and oblivion.


This exhibition is not only a revelation of the phenomenon of oblivion but also a deep exploration of the relationship between individuals and society, time and space. Through their creations, the artist showcases various forms of oblivion and the underlying psychological mechanisms, guiding the audience to reflect on the memory dilemmas of contemporary society's fast-paced life and how to maintain inner resilience in this vast ocean of information.

"I have always believed that the landscapes I depict are internallandscapes, representing my emotions, sentiments, memories, and where I belong. But all this is not easy to explain to others, like secrets sealed in the heart. Sealing, meaning to seal something for preservation, may be unwilling to be easily touched, or may be intended for careful preservation, to be revisited in the future, not permanently erased." - Artist Chan TszChung

Why mountains? Nature represents the most primitive state after civilization retreats. In TszChung's discourse, the word "traces" is mentioned many times. To him, mountains are like oracles, non-judgmental entities. It is humanity, in the course of history and survival, that has left "traces" on the land. Thus, he records these traces and seals them with resin, expressing his record of this landscape in his heart, as if amber firmly seals another timeline in eternity.

"Confronting Oblivion" is not just an art exhibition but also a collision and enlightenment of ideas. Let us enter the exhibition space together, with the artist, to deconstruct the conflict between combating oblivion and contemporary society, and to excavate the memories deep within ourselves.

Artist Chan Tsz Chung

Chan Tsz Chung, a Hong Kong artist, graduated from the Department of Landscape Architecture at TungHai University. Currently, he is pursuing a Master's degree in Fine Arts at TungHai University and has successfully been admitted to the Ph.D. program in Art-Culture Policy and Management at National TaiwanUniversity of Arts. As a city kid, Chan Tsz Chung has always harbored a longing for the mountains and nature since childhood.

He believes that the mountains are the only place that truly accepts him, regardless of his background, where he can feel freedom and tranquility simply by being there.

Confronting Oblivion|Chan TszChung Solo exhibitionExhibition
Dates | 2024.5.16 - 2024.06.29
Opening Hours | Wednesday - Sunday 13:30 - 18:00
Exhibition Venue | Ararat Art PartnersVenue
Address | No. 46, Gongyi Road, West District, Taichung City