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Artwork Specifications Precautions For Purchase

gentle 2021
Acrylic, Mixed media, Canvas 1/1
60 x 60 cm
ID b10

Ararat Art  Warranty Disclaimer


  1. Aerret Art guarantees that it has obtained the author's authorization and has the right of agency, the right to dispose of the artworks listed in the preceding article, and the right to fight against any third party.
  2. In addition, Aerret Art is obliged to inform the collector of the defects of the artwork if it is possible to know.
  3. If there is a variation, like color, level, shape, etc., between the artwork and the original, due to technical reasons such as copying, photography, data transmission, etc., the original artwork shall prevail.
  4. Please note before placing your order that the collection contents are limited to the artwork (all framed) and the collector's box and do not include the other ornaments and furniture shown in the illustration.
  5. The introduction and evaluation of the artworks by Ararat Art Partners, including but not limited to the Internet, certificates, promotional materials, news, etc., are for reference only and do not constitute any guarantee or warranty.
  6. Ararat Art Partners guarantees the artwork's authenticity and provides a Certificate of Authenticity to the purchaser.
  7. The collectors should notice that it only transfers the ownership of the artwork subject and does not include the copyright of the artwork. The creator of the artwork retains the copyright right. Without the authorization of the painting, the collectors may not reproduce, rework, edit, rent, distribute, publicly broadcast, publicly transmit, or publicly display the artwork.