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Mo Li Hsin 2021
Art Giclée Print
Smooth art fiber paper, limited edition of 20 prints."

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About the Work Notes of Caution

Original Specifications:
Mo Li Hsin 2021 Acrylic Paint on Canvas

This item is not an original piece.
Please carefully confirm the content before placing an order.
Each art Giclée print is limited to 20 copies, available until sold out.

Artwork shipping includes bubble wrap packaging. If you need to purchase a packaging box, please contact the official @LINE of ARARAT ART PARTNERS for a quote.

ARARAT ART PARTNERS Guarantee and Disclaimer Statement:

  • ARARAT ART PARTNERS guarantees that it has been authorized by the artist, possesses the agency rights, disposal rights, and rights sufficient to counter any third-party claims for the artworks listed in the preceding clause. ARARAT ART PARTNERS also acknowledges the obligation to inform the buyer of any defects in the artwork within its knowledge or knowledge that could be obtained.
  • Due to technical reasons such as copying, photography, data transmission, etc., there may be discrepancies in the tone, color, layers, form, etc., of the artwork compared to the original. The original item takes precedence.
  • Before placing an order, please note that the contents of the purchase are limited to the artwork itself and may not necessarily include a frame or collector's packaging box. Pay attention to the item details when making a purchase, as the purchase items do not include other decorations or furniture shown in the illustration.
  • ARARAT ART PARTNERS' introduction and evaluation of artworks, including but not limited to content on the internet, certificates, promotional materials, news, etc., are for reference purposes only and do not constitute any guarantee or warranty for the artworks.
  • ARARAT ART PARTNERS guarantees the authenticity of the artwork and provides an artwork certificate to the buyer.
  • The buyer should be aware that the subject of this statement is the ownership of the artwork, excluding the copyright of the artwork. The creator of the artwork retains the relevant rights to the copyright of the artwork. Without authorization, the buyer is not permitted to reproduce, adapt, edit, rent, distribute, publicly broadcast, publicly transmit, or publicly display the artwork.