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Eilert Art Gallery's Guarantee and Disclaimer Statement:

1. Eilert Art Gallery guarantees that it has obtained authorization from the artist, holds the agency and disposal rights for the listed artworks, and possesses sufficient rights to counter any claims by third parties. Moreover, Eilert Art Gallery also assumes the obligation to inform buyers of any defects in the artworks, which it is aware of or could reasonably be aware of.

2. Due to technical factors such as copying, photography, and data transmission, there may be discrepancies in the color, tone, texture, and form of artworks compared to the original. The original artwork shall prevail.

3. Before placing an order, please note that the purchase only includes the artwork itself and does not encompass any decorative items or furniture depicted in the reference images.

4. Descriptions and evaluations of artworks by Eilert Art Gallery, including but not limited to content found on the internet, certificates, promotional materials, and news, are provided for reference purposes only and do not constitute any guarantees or warranties regarding the artworks.

5. Eilert Art Gallery guarantees the authenticity of the artworks and provides a certificate of authenticity to the buyer.

6. Buyers should understand that the transfer outlined in this statement pertains solely to ownership of the artwork and does not include the copyright. The creators of the artworks retain relevant copyright-related rights. Without authorization, buyers are prohibited from reproducing, modifying, editing, renting, distributing, publicly broadcasting, transmitting, or displaying the artworks.

7. Buyers should be aware of whether the artwork is part of the current exhibition. If so, it will be dispatched after the exhibition concludes.

8. For assistance, please contact our online community customer service, where dedicated personnel will assist you.