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Brand Spirit


Only by feeling with the heart, can one give with sincerity.


About Ararat Art Partners


Over 5000 years ago, a flood wiped out all life on Earth, and an ark carried every species of animal to escape this disaster. When the flood receded, they came to rest on Mount Ararat...

Ararat Art Partners was founded in March 2021, amidst the pandemic, as an independent art studio brand by Professor Liu Shu Lu. This brand symbolizes the beginning of a new life, where destruction and death mark the start of rebirth. It is here that the vitality of art is born, creating an unending cycle of life.

In the early summer of May 2023, Ararat Art Partners officially opened its doors on Public Welfare Road in Taichung City. The philosophy of Ararat Art Partners is to create a better world through art. Taking inspiration from "Mount Ararat," symbolizing the rebirth and continuity of life, we believe that the life force of art can promote social harmony and stability. As advocates and promoters of art, we aim to see art play a more significant role in society.

At Ararat Art Partners, we highly value the "essence of beauty" and "creative freedom" while encouraging people to explore and realize their creativity. We believe that everyone possesses unique creativity and imagination, and art is a means of expressing these thoughts and emotions. Therefore, we provide a platform to support artists in showcasing and sharing their work and are committed to offering an environment for everyone to fulfill their creative needs, providing a sense of belonging and spiritual expression, and offering more positive services to all.

Simultaneously, we hope to convey the message of "love and hope" through art, passing on this positive energy to society, enabling people to feel the power and beauty of life. We believe that art can inspire emotions and foster connections and resonance between people, passing down thoughts.

We aspire to create a cycle of life through art, allowing the vitality of art to flow continuously and bring more beauty and hope to society, becoming an ideal place for artists and art enthusiasts.

Welcome, and have a nice day.