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Brand Spirit


Only by feeling with the heart, can one give with sincerity.


About Ararat Art Partners


Over 5,000 years ago, a flood wiped out everything in the world, and the ark carried every animal species to escape the disaster. When the flood waters receded, they docked on the hill of ARARAT ...


Ararat Art Partners was founded in March 2021 in the epidemic and is now an independent artist's studio brand of She Lu Liu. The brand symbolizes the origin of new life; when everything is destroyed, death is the beginning of rebirth, so the vitality that art is endowed with begins here, creating an endless life cycle.


For us, art is an expression of the inner world, where "life," "soul," and "emotion" are shuttled into a dialogue. Enjoy our artworks from our online gallery to create a comfortable online shopping experience while collecting artworks. We attach great importance to the artists' "technical responsibility," "creative concept," and "visual perception" of their works, and Ararat Art Partners' online gallery platform allows art to enrich your life and mine.


In addition to the art buying experience, we also emphasize "social giving." 5% of the art purchased at Ararat Art Partners will be donated back to the "Sunny young corporate personhood association of the R.O.C," and each member will receive their donation.


We hope that in the future, there will be more exciting possibilities and that through artists, enterprises, and cultural and creative industries, different opportunities for collaboration will collide so that art will be closer to people and no longer be limited by the framework.


Welcome, and have a great day.