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Artistic Director - Shulu Liu

Shulu Liu, born in Taichung, Taiwan, possesses innate artistic talent. From a young age, he received academic training in the arts and private education in music. Despite facing family pressures and undergoing treatment for ADHD, his unique personality and unwavering determination led him to pursue his own path without succumbing to others' opinions. Shulu initially attended university in New Zealand but made the bold decision to drop out, embarking on a non-traditional path as an artist and performer, embarking on a heroic journey of self-discovery. He is a true artist of life.


In 2008, at the age of 16, Shulu Liu participated in the talent show "Super Idol 2" with exceptional singing skills and a deep love for the arts. His performance gained widespread media exposure and garnered the support of a large fan base. He later worked as a nightclub DJ and held positions as a graphic designer and brand designer at Western Design from 2016 to 2021. These experiences heightened his sensitivity to color and form, reinforcing his commitment to the path of art.


Through various exhibitions and forms of artistic expression, Shulu Liu's belief in the healing power of art was further solidified, embodying the concept of "Romantic Fantasy."


"The concept of Romantic Fantasy guides my artistic practice. I strongly resonate with the ideals of Romanticism, emphasizing personal emotions, imagination, and the pursuit of sublime experiences in my creations. For me, art holds healing power for both the artist and the audience. Creative acts inspired by the Romantic ideals of the 19th century are the most effective means of liberating and purifying the mind and spirit. In my abstract series, I metaphorically incorporate natural imagery into my paintings. Alongside the artwork, I compose soothing music, aiming to help calm thoughts and relax the soul. The act of listening serves as a special barrier between the audience and the daily concerns of life, directing their attention to the artwork, and the act of listening to music adds a temporal dimension that aids the audience's contemplation of the art. My goal is to create an immersive, multisensory artistic experience." - Shulu Liu


Today, Shulu Liu takes on the role of the curator at Everett Art Institute, wholeheartedly dedicated to promoting the value and power of art. He believes that art has the profound ability to touch hearts, ignite imagination, and foster cultural and social development. As both an artist and a curator, he actively engages in various aspects of the art world, striving to provide opportunities for other talented souls to showcase their creativity. His mission is to establish an art community that encourages artists to explore new modes of expression while offering support in their artistic journey. Through exhibitions, workshops, conceptual lectures, storytelling salons, and other events, he is committed to bringing art to more people, making it an indispensable part of life. Simultaneously, he upholds the social impact of art, focusing on gender issues as he uses art as a medium to convey messages and spark discussions. As the curator of Everett Art Institute, he not only has a voice in the art world but also plays a key role in driving social change through art. His goal is to inspire more people to engage with art, bringing its beauty and meaning into everyone's life.



COO - Cortina

Cortina is a passionate and experienced Gallery Director. My love for art and culture has always been a constant companion, and I believe that art galleries are vibrant spaces that connect artists, audiences, and collectors, offering enriching experiences for everyone. As a Gallery Director, my mission is to ensure the smooth, efficient, and dynamic operation of the gallery. I enjoy challenging myself and constantly seek innovative ways to enhance the gallery's impact and sustainability. Whether it's curating exhibitions, managing art collections, marketing and promotion, or collaborating with artists and partners, I am dedicated to realizing the gallery's mission and vision.


My work style emphasizes teamwork and continuous learning. I believe a gallery is a collaborative effort, with each member contributing their expertise to work towards common goals. Additionally, I keep a close eye on the evolving trends in the art market to ensure that the gallery can adapt to changes and provide the most compelling art experiences for the audience.


In summary, I am a passionate Gallery Director committed to promoting art and culture. If you are looking for a partner who can assist the gallery in realizing its potential, please feel free to get in touch. Let's work together to contribute to the beauty of the art world!



Gallery Manager - Sunny

I am Sunny, the manager of ARARAT ART PARTNERS. My job involves overseeing all aspects of gallery operations and striving to create a vibrant community filled with artistic charm. I firmly believe in the transformative power of art to touch hearts and inspire minds, and it is my mission to convey this power to you. Every collector, visitor, and artist is immensely important to me. I aim to provide them with a sense of warmth and belonging when they step into our gallery, akin to coming home. Please feel free to reach out to me anytime; I am here to assist you with any inquiries or concerns.


My passion lies in the realm of art, and I am dedicated to crafting exceptional art experiences for all. My work is driven not only by a love for art but also by our shared dream – to cultivate a community brimming with artistic allure. I look forward to collaborating with you and exploring the boundless possibilities of the art world together, infusing ARARAT ART PARTNERS with even more vitality and vigor!



Graphic Designer - Linting

"Like cotton, I strive to be soft and adaptable, yet resilient and true to myself."


I am linting, a visual graphic designer in an art gallery. In this artistic environment, my mission is to establish a silent yet powerful bridge between art pieces and the audience through visual design.


My design philosophy is to transform the gallery's interior into a unique space where every corner can encapsulate the essence of the artworks, providing the audience with a deep, interactive, and captivating experience, all without disrupting the inherent characteristics of the art itself. I have previously served as an art editor for organizations such as the Alzheimer's Care Association of the Republic of China, the Yingshi Education Foundation, and various design companies, in addition to numerous remote freelance design projects. My diverse design experiences across different domains have allowed me to develop a versatile style, approaching each artist's vision with gentle flexibility, helping them step by step to manifest their ideals.