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2022 08 - 05

2022/8/5-8/25 Summer Breeze: Shu Lu Liu Solo Exhibition


2022/8/5-8/25 Summer Breeze: Shu Lu Liu Solo Exhibition

Summer! Such an energetic season.


In the hot summer, the sunlight reflects light from various angles and shapes on the wood, the trees sway outside the window, and stories are told in living the city. Art is the spiritual language, so slow down and appreciate art, enjoy the summer breeze, press the pause button in the beautiful afternoon, and let us come together to Shulu's "Romantic Fantasy" together.


"I hope everyone can feel gentle life and spiritual healing from my artwork." Shulu


We often forget who we are. In chasing the truth of life, we often forget our original intention or inadvertently go lost. Shulu believes that her life is like the Lion King movie, and she realizes that such a cycle in life is indeed a process.


"From the moment I decided to become an artist, it was like the renaissance period of my life." Shulu


However, in the face of the epidemic and information explosion society, we still have to face our inner demons first. Then we have the energy to fight the impact of the environment on us. Whether we can feel freedom in this generation depends on our mentality and whether the body and mind are strong enough.


"I believe art brings beauty to the world," Shulu


Eventually, we will find our kingdom, everyone has their universe, and may every soul find its own home.


Kandinsky, a 20th-century artist, is considered a pioneer of abstract art. He accurately presents music perception in his works and believes communication between the mind and the mind is necessary for art.


Sitting by the window and enjoying bursts of sunshine in the afternoon, listening to the music by Shulu for each abstract work. The series of abstract artworks subtly inherits the creative theory of the artist Kandinsky; welcome to the scene to experience The music and paintings created by Shulu and experience her "Romantic Fantasy."






▫️LocationYolo Moment

▫️AddressNo. 565, Section 4, Longfu Road, Nantun District, Taichung City

▫️NotesPlease bring a Bluetooth headset and scan the QR CODE next to the painting to listen to music. Remember to make an appointment before viewing the exhibition and follow the store rules.