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2023 06 - 18

2023.06.18 (Sunday) - 2023.08.25 (Thursday) ✸ "Not Really Sad" ✸ mo li hsin Solo Exhibition 2023


Art creation, for mo li hsin, is a language and tool that allows him to freely express himself. From illness to healing, from daily explorations to self-awareness, he uses colors and imagery to manifest inner emotional experiences.

The depiction of individuals with substantial bodies has always been a key element in his creations. He believes, "The human body can carry many things, including the flow of emotions."

In this exhibition, as a work of healing, compared to the rough depiction of characters in the past, he pays more attention to the details and intricacies of the human form. In this creation, he reorganizes his past self, using harmonious and subtle colors, deliberately leaving blank spaces on the canvas to embrace the transformation of his new self. The intense emotional touches of the past gradually fade, replaced by the colors of recent life experiences.

For mo li hsin, this is a change of style in his art, and in life, it represents a new beginning after adjustments.

You are invited to attend the opening tea party this Sunday, where there will be exclusive interviews, creative discussions, and mo li hsin will personally guide visitors through the exhibition space. ?

Not Really Sad
Opening Tea Party
◟ Date: June 18, 2023, Saturday, 14:00-16:00
◟ Location: Ararat Art Partners
◟ Admission Notice: Limited to 30 attendees (already full)

Not Really Sad
◟ Exhibition Period: June 18, 2023, Saturday - July 25, 2023, Tuesday
◟ Location: Ararat Art Partners
◟ Address: No. 46, Gongyi Road, West District, Taichung City, Taiwan